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Winter Skin Solutions

Finding a winter skin care regiment can be daunting. Between the flaking, redness and sensitivty its easy to get frustrated. Thankfully Aveda has many different products to treat the symptoms of the season.


The first rule of winter skin is be kind. Be gentle with your skin since the cold weather can make you more sensitive. Choose a creamy cleanser like the Aveda Green Science Perfecting Cleanser for more mature skin or the All-Sensitive Cleanser for all skin types. Both will leave your skin clean and makeup free but won't over dry. Moisture is key in the winter months.

Body Care

In the shower use a cleanser with a bit of oil in it like the Caribbean Therapy Body Cleanser and follow it with the Body Creme. The cleanser is infused with coconut oil so it is very moisturizing. Once a week use a light scrub like the Carribbean Therapy Body Scrub. Its an oil based salt and sugar scrub that exfoliates and then softens with avocado, coconut and passionfruit oil. Exfoliating is really important since your skin can get flakey in the winter so you want to be sure to slough it off. The body creme uses mango and coco butter so its thick and moisturizing but not greasy. Be sure to apply your moisturizer while your skin is still damp to really lock in the hydration.


Hydration is the key for keeping your skin looking great in the winter! In addition to drinking a ton of water you want to make sure what you put on your face is going to get the job done. We like using Aveda Enbrightenment Creme. This rich moisturizer is just what our skin craves in the cold winter months. Your skin can end up looking dull and lifeless and this creme helps bring it back to its full potential with a combination of Vitamin C, mulberry root and grape extracts. Since dry skin can be more sensitive to the sun its important not to forget about sun screen. Use a tinted moisturizer and sunscreen combination for an extra boost of moisture. Like the Aveda Tinted Moisturizers that come with an SPF 15. Using a light oil under your moisturizer is great for soothing dry, sensitive skin. We like the Aveda All Sensitive oil using certified organic jojoba oil enriched with vitamin e for extra soothing relief. As a boost you can treat yourself to a mask once a week in the shower like the Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask.

Eyes & Lips

Dry chapped lips are a major bummer during prime misteltoe season. Using the Aveda Lip Saver will help your lips stay hydrated with shea butter and sunflower seed oil. You can layer it under your favorite lipstick too for an added boost of moisture. Moisturizing around your eyes can be tricky if you are sensitive during the winter. We like the Aveda Green Science Eye Creme for its soothing and depuffing benefits with argan oil, organic cactus and organic buckwheat wax that helps reduce under eye circles. As a bonus you can use it at night and during the day under makeup.

The winter months are tough but we can get through it together! Remember to hydrate from the inside out. Drink water, monitor your caffine intake and stay warm!

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