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5 Signs It's Time For A Haircut

Having a hard time styling your hair? Is doing your hair your least favorite part of getting ready? It might be time to see your stylist. Here are five helpful hints it might be time to head to the salon.

1. Dull and lifeless locks

If your hair isn't shining the way it used to and won't hold a style, its probably time for a trim. If it has been more than nine weeks since your last appointment, your cut has probably grown out and won't have the same bounce and structure as when you first left the salon. Regular haircuts also keep your strands healthy buy cutting off the split ends. Damaged ends can make you hair appear dry and stringy, a cut is a simple solution to your bad hair days and will restore the luster and shine your hair has been lacking.

2. A pony tail is your go to style

If more often than not your hair ends up on the top of your head, its time for a major change. Everyone loves a sleek and preppy pony but if its the only style as of late, book an appointment asap. Since you like the feeling of having your hair up, it might be a great time to experiment with a shorter style. Talk with your stylist about your lifestyle and what it is about having your hair up that you love. You don't have to sacrifice convenience for a great cut.

3. Curls aren't curly

If you have wavy or curly hair and are finding it hard to hold a curl, its time to head to the salon. As curly hair grows the curl becomes weighed down and keeps the hair from holding a curl properly. If your hair is damaged from heat or chemical treatments this becomes extra true and you might also be experiencing frizz as a result. To keep your curl bouncy and shining book regular appointments with your stylist. Adding in a conditioning treatment can't hurt either since curly hair tends to lack moisture.

4. Relying on bobby pins

If you use bobby pins as a crutch for your fringe or are constantly tucking them behind your ears, its time for a bang trim. Bangs are a great way to make a statement, but since they are framing your face its more noticeable when they grow out. Booking regular bang trims in-between haircuts is helpful to keep your bangs where they should be.

5. Styling is no fun

If you dread doing your hair or just find it hard to tame its time for an update. Take time to shop around to find a stylist that really gets your hair. Book a consultation, which is usually complimentary, to hear the stylists vision and plan of attack. Your stylist should get you amped on your hair and find something that works for you and your lifestyle. If that's not happening its time to move on.

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