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FRINGE Guide to Hairbrushes

Having the right tools is essential for perfecting your style. Our guide to hairbrushes will tell you what to look for, what to avoid and how to care for your brushes.

CERAMIC BRUSHES: Ceramic brushes offer benefits to heat styling that metal and wooden brushes lack. Ceramic brushes hold and evenly distribute heat allowing the hair to dry faster without causing damage. This also helps eliminate frizz and creates shine by smoothing the cuticle. CERAMIC BIG ROUND BRISTLE BRUSHES: Any round brush over 2.5 inches is considered a large bristle brush. These large brushes offer smoothing and curling benefits for coarse, long and thick hair types. You can also use this size as a roller to create loose waves. CERAMIC MEDIUM ROUND BRISTLE BRUSH: This brush is a little more versatile than its smaller counterpart. It works on various lengths of hair and as a bonus can be used as a roller to create beachy waves. CERAMIC SMALL ROUND BRUSH: These brushes are perfect if you are looking for a sleek, voluminous style. Their small size is ideal for grabbing the hair at the root and style upwards for maximum volume. Because they grip the hair so well its easy to achieve a smooth, frizz free finish. This size is ideal for short hair. If you have longer hair move up to a bigger brush. BOAR BRISTLE: Boar bristles are naturally soft, flexible and incredibly popular. They help smooth down the cuticle and evenly distribute oil throughout your hair. They are generally recommended for all hair types. PADDLE BRUSH: These brushes are great for smoothing out and detangling. If you have thicker hair with a slight wave this brush will help you smooth out your texture. You may want to keep two sizes on hand, a thinner one for getting the areas close to your head, and the larger size for the rest of your length.

WHAT TO AVOID: Try to avoid any styling tool with metal. Metal brushes can burn, create frizz and damage your hair. Brushes with metal bristles can pull and and break your hair too.

CARE FOR YOUR BRUSHES: Wash your brushes once a month to avoid product build up. You can do this with just a little shampoo and warm water. No heat necessary for drying.

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