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Earth Month

April is Earth Month and Aveda is continuing our tradition of supporting clean water efforts all over the world. Over the last 7 years our Light The Way candle has raised over $7.6 million to help Global Greegrants fund hundred of water projects like the one in India that has helped the children who drew the artwork that inspired this box.

The organic ginger oil in our candles comes from Umbari, India- where clean water was once short in supply. We partners with Global Greengrants Fund to help two communities in umbari-fixing the leaking water system in one village and tapping a new spring for the other village. Women who used to spend six hours a day in the dry season carrying water from far away, now have time to plant gardens to raise vegetables for their families. And 750 villagers have safe drinking water. Our Earth Month Candles are now available in both of our locations.

100% of the proceeds from our Earth Month candles goes to Global Greengrants Fund for clean water efforts. They are now available for $12 at both of our locations.

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